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I am writing because my 17 year old son is a good student but in the past two years. He has repeatedly not done homework and tell me he has. His teachers will email me and tell me he can do the work and will be missing 5-6 assignments. How can i get him to hand in his homework on time. I have tried

Motivating Students to Complete Homework

Many students don't like doing homework. Parents are often at their wits end trying everything, including yelling, grounding and taking away privileges. A good idea to help motivate your child to do his or her homework is to turn the situation into a positive instead of a negative. Sit down and talk to your child. Ask him or her what types of things he would like to earn for completing his work.

Once you have come to a conclusion on what he or she would like, then write out a contract. On this contract, spell out in details exactly what the child needs to do in order to earn the reward. It could be something like, "Joe will complete all homework, turn it in on time with at least a B average on all assignments, everyday for two weeks. If Joe does this, he will then earn his reward." After the contract is typed, make sure both parent and child sign the contract.

Sometimes just giving a child something to motivate him to do work can result in a change in behaviors.

I am a learning consultant. I need tips on behavior plans for motivating students/on task behavior. Thanks.

Motivate Students to Stay On Task

Many students need a bit of motivation to stay on task, especially if the student already has behavior issues.

Students can be motivated a number of ways to increase time on task and stay on task. A simple point sheet is a good way to motivate time on task. Students are given point sheets to keep at their desks. When a student is off-task, the teacher simply walks over and quietly takes points away, explaining why she did so. If a student is on task, the teacher can add points, explaining why she is doing so. The points are tallied up at the end of the day, and the student may use them to purchase something from a classroom store.

Another good motivator for increasing time on task is to tape a chart to the top of the student's desk. When the student is on task, the teacher places a sticker or a stamp. If the student earns a pre-determined amount of stickers or stamps a day, the student will receive a special surprise. This works especially well for elementary level students.

Students who are on a behavior plans to improve certain behaviors may also enjoy using a contract that states exactly what behaviors are expected of him or her. The student and staff who work with the student sign the contract.

The contract should also have an agreement between the student and staff members regarding what happens if the student maintains on task behaviors for X number of days and what happens if he isn't able to maintain on task behaviors. Behavior contracts with students can be great motivators.

How to remember dates /years /lengthy notes

Tips To Help You Memorize Important Facts

It can be difficult to memorize dates, names and other important facts you might need to know for an upcoming exam. Here are three tips to help you memorize those important facts.
1. Mnemonics are word games that spur you to remember the facts you need. Some common mnemonics are ROY G. BIV for the colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet) and HOMES for the names of the Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior). Make a funny name or word using the first letter of each word you need to memorize.
2. A memorization technique you've probably used since childhood is rhyming. Think of singing your ABC's, or perhaps you learned how many days were in each month with the old "Thirty days hath September" rhyme. Put the important facts you need to memorize into a sing-song verse and you're sure to remember.
3. Mental pictures can help you to remember important facts. A certain teacher named Jon Pearson taught his students to memorize the 13 colonies with this mental picture: A Jersey (New Jersey) cow named Georgia (Georgia) sitting on top of the Empire State Building (New York) singing two Christmas carols (North and South Carolina) holding a new Virginia ham (Virginia, New Hampshire) wearing polka dot underwear (Delaware) using a pencil (Pennsylvania) to connect-the-dots (Connecticut) into a picture of Marilyn Monroe (Maryland) walking down a long road (Rhode Island) to go to mass (Massachusetts).

What is "nonverbal behavior?"

Definition of Nonverbal Behavior

Nonverbal Behavior, also known as nonverbal communication, is defined as "body language" at times. It is what someone indicates he or she is feeling through means other than words.

Nonverbal behavior includes things such as the tone of voice in which something is said, facial expressions, certain movements of hands or other parts of the body, and so on.

A stray mother cat brought 6 young kittens to my courtyard a month ago. I suplemented the diet by adding milk in a container. Then, the entire family moved off. A few days ago, only one kitten came back very ill with a broken backbone. It could barely drink the milk we offered. Today morning the mot

Mother Stray and Her Kittens

The Tom cat that the mother showed up with could either be the father, or simply another male that wants to mate with her again. Cats will fight like that during the mating ritual. Obviosuly, the kitten was either hit by a car or hurt in some other way. The other male hanging around is probably just another stray looking for food or possibly after the female as well. Cats will ALWAYS return where there is food. As for the other kittens, they may be injured or just being kept in another location. If you have the money, your best bet would be to spay the female after she's done nursing her babies, maybe wait and see if any of them come back. This problem will just keep repeating itself and odds are she'll become pregnant again, especially since you mentioned the male cats hanging around now. Hope this helps!

can you name the colleges that specialize in leaning disabilities and/or ADHD.

Colleges Specializing in ADHD

Many students with learning disabilities or ADHD often wonder what college will be like for them. Will there be anyone available to talk to about his or her disability? Will they receive assistance in their studies? How will their course work be accommodated to fit his or her disability?

Many colleges in this day and age offer assistance for students with learning disabilities or ADHD. What is often suggested before choosing a specific college is to find out what types of programs are available for incoming students with learning disorders or ADHD.

Potential students should call the college of interest and ask to speak to someone in the Students With Disabilities department. If the college does not have a department like this available, ask whomever you are speaking about options for students with learning disabilities. If nothing is available, this particular college may not be for you.

If the college has a Students with Disabilities department or offers accommodations for learning disabled students, the school may be worth looking into. Make sure you find specifics to every question you have about receiving the assistance you need to be successful.

There are schools out there that are geared towards students with learning disabilities or ADHD. Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida that offers BA and AA programs for students with learning disabilities. Landmark College in Putney, Vermont is a two-year college that accredited for students with learning disabilities and ADHD.

i recieved a 44% on mu first history test. what should i do drop the class, study harder on my next one?!?! i dont know what to do, please tell me any advice!

Study Tips For Students

Many students receive lower than expected grades on assignments. Many of these students do not know that often times just changing your study style may help improve your grades.

Students need to learn what type of learner they are. There are three main types of learning styles. Visual learners learn and remember best by seeing something. Tactile learners learn best by touching or doing hands-on activities. Auditory learners learn and remember best by hearing what is taught.

Once you know what type of learner you, you can change your study habits to fit your style. If you are a visual learner, try writing down everything you are studying on note cards. Study what is written on these cards.

If you are a tactile learner, try turning what you are studying into a hands-on activity. For example, if you are studying Ancient Egypt try creating a sarcophagus that labels different parts of it, in order to remember important information about this burial coffin.

If you are an auditory learner, you learn best when hearing something. Try tape recording yourself studying, saying the words out loud, reading your text book. Play this back and use as a study tool.

Often times students do poorly on assignments because they aren't studying in the way that bests suits them. Knowing your learning style and applying it to your studying may help improve your grades.

What do I need to remember when hosting a bridal shower?

Hosting a Bridal Shower

One thing to keep in mind when planning a bridal shower is that you need to be sure to give yourself enough time for everything to come together. Avoid excess stress by being fully prepared.

Don't invite anyone to the shower who won't be invited to the wedding. Guests from the groom's side should be invited to the bridal shower as well unless the bride has a particular reason for not wanting men at the shower.

Give your guests enough time to make plans to attend by sending the invitations out three to five weeks before the shower.

Don't forget to have ice-breaker games for the guests to get to know each other. Make sure the refreshments are set up before the first guest arrives.

Keep track of guests names and addresses and make sure someone is writing a list of the gifts received and which guest gave the gift to the bride.

Keep in mind that if there are "warring parties" in one of the families, check with someone close to the bride to make sure you won't be setting up a free-for-all at your shower.

How do I remove Super Glue from my fingers or clothing?

Removing Super Glue

The corporation that manufactures Super Glue suggests using acetone to remove glue that has accidentally bound your skin to objects or to other parts of your skin.

Acetone is the ingredient found in nail polish remover. Put a little bit of it onto a cotton swab and touch it to the glue. The glue should dissolve. Check to make sure your nail polish remover actually contains acetone, however.

Words of caution include the fact that acetone may discolor some fabrics and ruin some kinds of dark laminated countertops. If Super Glue comes in contact with eyes, see your doctor.

For removing Super Glue from clothing, the manufacturer suggests applying acetone with a toothbrush in layers. Put it on both the inside and outside of the fabric. Again, be mindful that it may ruin some fabrics.

If Super Glue needs to be removed from skin areas where acetone can't be applied, follow the steps on the company's web site (

I have a 10 year-old Siamese cat who has started yowling and running around all night. He is preventing me from getting a good night's sleep and I am afraid he will start annoying the neighbors. This began right after I had to euthanize two other 15 year-old family cats. Is there any way to stop thi

Extreme Nocturnal Activity in Cats

Excessive nocturnal activity in cats, especially when marked by a sudden onset, is often triggered by stress and anxiety. Major changes in environment or changes in the makeup of the family, including the arrival or departure of other household pets can cause significant stress in the feline world.

This problem can be solved but it will take some patience and consistency. Make an effort to keep the cat awake during the day and well into the evening - play with him, pet him, keep him engaged rather than allowing him to sleep for extended periods. Do this gently and make it a fun experience for him.

When you are ready for sleep and the cat begins his shenanigans, place him in a cat carrier with a comfortable blanket or pad and put the carrier in the furthest room from your bedroom. Then shut the door and ignore his pleas. Don't respond, and don't ever offer him food at night. It may take a few nights of this to change his sleep patterns but it should work eventually.

If all else fails, discuss the problem with your vet. He may suggest medicating the cat for a few nights until the habit is broken.

I have a 17 yr old cat. she is spayed, and lives indoors or out which ever she prefers.#1}she has to stay in the garage when we`re at work and at night because she vomits frequently. Sometimes its a hairball somethimes it is dry food in its original form not chewed up or digested. Sometimes it is ju

Mature Cat

You are dealing, sadly, with an aging cat who is experiencing a gradual decline in health. The vomiting could be caused by disease - cancer is common in the older cat - or it could be, as you suggest, mostly a hairball problem. If she is a long-haired cat, be sure to help her stay well-groomed as she may not be doing a good job on her own. Check her teeth as well. They may be covered with plaque and causing health problems.

You also might want to pick up food that is formulated just for older cats with sensitive stomachs.

To rule out cancer, you should take her to the vet for blood tests and possibly x-rays.

The litter box issue is also common in older cats. You might try a larger box with a greater surface area but with shorter sides so that she can get in with ease. Good luck.

How do I teach my dog to ring a bell when he wants to go to the bathroom?

Bell Ringing

If you are trying to teach a dog how to ring a bell when having to relieve itself, here are a few tips.

1) Have easy access to the bell for the dog.

2) Make sure the bell is close to the outside door.

3) Whenever you take the dog out or open the door, ring the bell and use the word "out."

4) Before allowing the dog to go out, ring the bell and say the word, "out."

5) When the dog rings the bell, give it lots of praise.

The easiest way to teach an old dog (or puppy) a new trick is hang the bell directly on the door. Using treats also reinforces the new behavior.

How do I take care of my flowering Hardenbergia violacea? How much water and sunlight does it need?

Growing Hardenbergia Violacea

Purple Coral Pea, also known by its scientific name as Hardenbergia violacea, is a vine with purple flowers that can grow up to 10 feet in height.

The plant originated in Australia. Hardenbergia violacea should have full sunlight, or very little shade if full sun is not possible.

Be sure your plant has proper drainage and a medium amount of water, but never too much water.

I have a manuscript for publication, how do I publish it with a trustworthy publisher and achieve my aim from my work?

Self Publishing a Manuscript

To publish a book manuscript you have worked hard on, it is often a long road to publication if you choose a traditional route. The traditional way would be to start submitting it to publishers. You would find trustworthy publishers in "Writer's Market," a book that every writer should own.

If you want faster results or have had your manuscript rejected by traditional publishers, you may want to consider self publishing or print on demand. The idea behind this is that when someone orders a copy of your book online, the publisher will print a copy of it for your customer. Some publishers will also offer your book as a download for customers. One online place to check further into this concept is

There are, unfortunately, many "publishers" around the internet that are not legitimate, so the best way to find out which are good, check around some writing communities to see what others are saying. Word of mouth is often the best indicator of a publisher's reputation.

Do you have any other suggestions for inclusions in an IEP for a child with ADD. I particularly notice that her tests do not reflect her knowledge. What other accomodations are likely acceptable to the school and will demonstrate her knowledge more accurately? She misses easy questions that I kno

IEP Test Accommodations for ADD Children

An IEP, or Individualized Education Plan is a necessary document for any child in special education. Children with ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and who are also on an IEP need special accommodations when taking tests.

Accommodations, such as a taking the test in a quiet environment with as few distractions as possible is appropriate for a student who is easily distracted. Students who struggle with reading and have ADD may also have an accommodation in his or her IEP that all tests (with the exception of reading fluency)are read to him or her. Yet another accommodation may be to have the student take the test at a different time of the day. Many students with ADD have trouble focusing at certain times of the day. By simply changing the time of a test a student may have improved focus.

My cat has been vomiting periodically for quite some time. I have spent a great deal of time and money on vet bills but all tests so far have not been able to pinpoint the problem. Sometimes it seems that the problem arises when I introduce a new food. Could this be a food allergy?

Food Allergy and Food Intolerance in Cats

There is a distinct difference between food allergies and food intolerance in cats. Allergies trigger specific allergic reactions, generally involving skin and itching problems. Food intolerances manifest themselves in episodes of vomiting and diarrhea.

Allergies should be considered if the cat has the problem year round rather than seasonally. Parasitic or skin infections should be ruled out first. Allergies can sometimes be diagnosed with blood tests. Consult your veterinarian regarding that procedure.

The best way to determine whether or not food is the culprit with either allergies or food intolerances is to put the cat on a severely restricted diet for an extended period of time to see if the symptoms resolve themselves. The food combination fed during this period should be consistent and something the cat has not had before. Both Hills and Purina make a canned mix just for this purpose.

In the case food intolerance, you should see very quick improvement and the vomiting should clear up. It may take much longer for allergic reactions to disappear.

Once you determine the problem to be food related, gradually try a normal diet. If the symptoms resume, give it up for a few days and then try something else. Once you have found a balanced and complete food that the cat tolerates well, stick with it.

Where can I find lesson plans to teach geogrpahy?

Geography Lesson Plans

The Internet is an endless source of lesson plans for teachers. One such place to look for geography lesson plans in particular is at the Peace Corps educators web site (

You will be able to choose lessons by grade level, geographic region (Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas, etc), or by topic (Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, and so on).

You will also be able to get in touch with a Peace Corps volunteer from this web site.

I`ve stripped an old roll-top desk and want to refinish it, however, on the top of the desk a plant must of leaked and now there is a black spot in the furniture. I don`t want to sand it because I don`t want to lose the nice patina in the wood. What can I use to remove the spots.

Removing Water Marks From Wood Furniture

If the water mark is relatively new you can try a hair dryer. Older water stains can be removed from wood furniture by using mayonaise. Simply apply the mayonaise to the wood surface and let it sit for a few minutes. Check a section of the water stain to see if has disappeared. You may have to leave the mayonaise on the wood furniture for a longer period of time.

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