IEP Test Accommodations for ADD Children

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Do you have any other suggestions for inclusions in an IEP for a child with ADD. I particularly notice that her tests do not reflect her knowledge. What other accomodations are likely acceptable to the school and will demonstrate her knowledge more accurately? She misses easy questions that I kno

IEP Test Accommodations for ADD Children

An IEP, or Individualized Education Plan is a necessary document for any child in special education. Children with ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and who are also on an IEP need special accommodations when taking tests.

Accommodations, such as a taking the test in a quiet environment with as few distractions as possible is appropriate for a student who is easily distracted. Students who struggle with reading and have ADD may also have an accommodation in his or her IEP that all tests (with the exception of reading fluency)are read to him or her. Yet another accommodation may be to have the student take the test at a different time of the day. Many students with ADD have trouble focusing at certain times of the day. By simply changing the time of a test a student may have improved focus.



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