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I`ve stripped an old roll-top desk and want to refinish it, however, on the top of the desk a plant must of leaked and now there is a black spot in the furniture. I don`t want to sand it because I don`t want to lose the nice patina in the wood. What can I use to remove the spots.

Removing Water Marks From Wood Furniture

If the water mark is relatively new you can try a hair dryer. Older water stains can be removed from wood furniture by using mayonaise. Simply apply the mayonaise to the wood surface and let it sit for a few minutes. Check a section of the water stain to see if has disappeared. You may have to leave the mayonaise on the wood furniture for a longer period of time.

What is "nonverbal behavior?"

Definition of Nonverbal Behavior

Nonverbal Behavior, also known as nonverbal communication, is defined as "body language" at times. It is what someone indicates he or she is feeling through means other than words.

Nonverbal behavior includes things such as the tone of voice in which something is said, facial expressions, certain movements of hands or other parts of the body, and so on.

A stray mother cat brought 6 young kittens to my courtyard a month ago. I suplemented the diet by adding milk in a container. Then, the entire family moved off. A few days ago, only one kitten came back very ill with a broken backbone. It could barely drink the milk we offered. Today morning the mot

Mother Stray and Her Kittens

The Tom cat that the mother showed up with could either be the father, or simply another male that wants to mate with her again. Cats will fight like that during the mating ritual. Obviosuly, the kitten was either hit by a car or hurt in some other way. The other male hanging around is probably just another stray looking for food or possibly after the female as well. Cats will ALWAYS return where there is food. As for the other kittens, they may be injured or just being kept in another location. If you have the money, your best bet would be to spay the female after she's done nursing her babies, maybe wait and see if any of them come back. This problem will just keep repeating itself and odds are she'll become pregnant again, especially since you mentioned the male cats hanging around now. Hope this helps!

can you name the colleges that specialize in leaning disabilities and/or ADHD.

Colleges Specializing in ADHD

Many students with learning disabilities or ADHD often wonder what college will be like for them. Will there be anyone available to talk to about his or her disability? Will they receive assistance in their studies? How will their course work be accommodated to fit his or her disability?

Many colleges in this day and age offer assistance for students with learning disabilities or ADHD. What is often suggested before choosing a specific college is to find out what types of programs are available for incoming students with learning disorders or ADHD.

Potential students should call the college of interest and ask to speak to someone in the Students With Disabilities department. If the college does not have a department like this available, ask whomever you are speaking about options for students with learning disabilities. If nothing is available, this particular college may not be for you.

If the college has a Students with Disabilities department or offers accommodations for learning disabled students, the school may be worth looking into. Make sure you find specifics to every question you have about receiving the assistance you need to be successful.

There are schools out there that are geared towards students with learning disabilities or ADHD. Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida that offers BA and AA programs for students with learning disabilities. Landmark College in Putney, Vermont is a two-year college that accredited for students with learning disabilities and ADHD.

i recieved a 44% on mu first history test. what should i do drop the class, study harder on my next one?!?! i dont know what to do, please tell me any advice!

Study Tips For Students

Many students receive lower than expected grades on assignments. Many of these students do not know that often times just changing your study style may help improve your grades.

Students need to learn what type of learner they are. There are three main types of learning styles. Visual learners learn and remember best by seeing something. Tactile learners learn best by touching or doing hands-on activities. Auditory learners learn and remember best by hearing what is taught.

Once you know what type of learner you, you can change your study habits to fit your style. If you are a visual learner, try writing down everything you are studying on note cards. Study what is written on these cards.

If you are a tactile learner, try turning what you are studying into a hands-on activity. For example, if you are studying Ancient Egypt try creating a sarcophagus that labels different parts of it, in order to remember important information about this burial coffin.

If you are an auditory learner, you learn best when hearing something. Try tape recording yourself studying, saying the words out loud, reading your text book. Play this back and use as a study tool.

Often times students do poorly on assignments because they aren't studying in the way that bests suits them. Knowing your learning style and applying it to your studying may help improve your grades.

Where can I find lesson plans to teach geogrpahy?

Geography Lesson Plans

The Internet is an endless source of lesson plans for teachers. One such place to look for geography lesson plans in particular is at the Peace Corps educators web site (

You will be able to choose lessons by grade level, geographic region (Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas, etc), or by topic (Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Environmental Studies, and so on).

You will also be able to get in touch with a Peace Corps volunteer from this web site.

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