Colleges Specializing in ADHD

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can you name the colleges that specialize in leaning disabilities and/or ADHD.

Colleges Specializing in ADHD

Many students with learning disabilities or ADHD often wonder what college will be like for them. Will there be anyone available to talk to about his or her disability? Will they receive assistance in their studies? How will their course work be accommodated to fit his or her disability?

Many colleges in this day and age offer assistance for students with learning disabilities or ADHD. What is often suggested before choosing a specific college is to find out what types of programs are available for incoming students with learning disorders or ADHD.

Potential students should call the college of interest and ask to speak to someone in the Students With Disabilities department. If the college does not have a department like this available, ask whomever you are speaking about options for students with learning disabilities. If nothing is available, this particular college may not be for you.

If the college has a Students with Disabilities department or offers accommodations for learning disabled students, the school may be worth looking into. Make sure you find specifics to every question you have about receiving the assistance you need to be successful.

There are schools out there that are geared towards students with learning disabilities or ADHD. Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida that offers BA and AA programs for students with learning disabilities. Landmark College in Putney, Vermont is a two-year college that accredited for students with learning disabilities and ADHD.



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