Extreme Nocturnal Activity in Cats

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I have a 10 year-old Siamese cat who has started yowling and running around all night. He is preventing me from getting a good night's sleep and I am afraid he will start annoying the neighbors. This began right after I had to euthanize two other 15 year-old family cats. Is there any way to stop thi

Extreme Nocturnal Activity in Cats

Excessive nocturnal activity in cats, especially when marked by a sudden onset, is often triggered by stress and anxiety. Major changes in environment or changes in the makeup of the family, including the arrival or departure of other household pets can cause significant stress in the feline world.

This problem can be solved but it will take some patience and consistency. Make an effort to keep the cat awake during the day and well into the evening - play with him, pet him, keep him engaged rather than allowing him to sleep for extended periods. Do this gently and make it a fun experience for him.

When you are ready for sleep and the cat begins his shenanigans, place him in a cat carrier with a comfortable blanket or pad and put the carrier in the furthest room from your bedroom. Then shut the door and ignore his pleas. Don't respond, and don't ever offer him food at night. It may take a few nights of this to change his sleep patterns but it should work eventually.

If all else fails, discuss the problem with your vet. He may suggest medicating the cat for a few nights until the habit is broken.



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