Removing Water Marks From Wood Furniture

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I`ve stripped an old roll-top desk and want to refinish it, however, on the top of the desk a plant must of leaked and now there is a black spot in the furniture. I don`t want to sand it because I don`t want to lose the nice patina in the wood. What can I use to remove the spots.

Removing Water Marks From Wood Furniture

If the water mark is relatively new you can try a hair dryer. Older water stains can be removed from wood furniture by using mayonaise. Simply apply the mayonaise to the wood surface and let it sit for a few minutes. Check a section of the water stain to see if has disappeared. You may have to leave the mayonaise on the wood furniture for a longer period of time.



12/5/2011 9:52:39 AM said:

Question: Will the oil in the mayo. leave an oil stain in the wood?


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