Removing Super Glue

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How do I remove Super Glue from my fingers or clothing?

Removing Super Glue

The corporation that manufactures Super Glue suggests using acetone to remove glue that has accidentally bound your skin to objects or to other parts of your skin.

Acetone is the ingredient found in nail polish remover. Put a little bit of it onto a cotton swab and touch it to the glue. The glue should dissolve. Check to make sure your nail polish remover actually contains acetone, however.

Words of caution include the fact that acetone may discolor some fabrics and ruin some kinds of dark laminated countertops. If Super Glue comes in contact with eyes, see your doctor.

For removing Super Glue from clothing, the manufacturer suggests applying acetone with a toothbrush in layers. Put it on both the inside and outside of the fabric. Again, be mindful that it may ruin some fabrics.

If Super Glue needs to be removed from skin areas where acetone can't be applied, follow the steps on the company's web site (



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