Motivating Students to Complete Homework

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I am writing because my 17 year old son is a good student but in the past two years. He has repeatedly not done homework and tell me he has. His teachers will email me and tell me he can do the work and will be missing 5-6 assignments. How can i get him to hand in his homework on time. I have tried

Motivating Students to Complete Homework

Many students don't like doing homework. Parents are often at their wits end trying everything, including yelling, grounding and taking away privileges. A good idea to help motivate your child to do his or her homework is to turn the situation into a positive instead of a negative. Sit down and talk to your child. Ask him or her what types of things he would like to earn for completing his work.

Once you have come to a conclusion on what he or she would like, then write out a contract. On this contract, spell out in details exactly what the child needs to do in order to earn the reward. It could be something like, "Joe will complete all homework, turn it in on time with at least a B average on all assignments, everyday for two weeks. If Joe does this, he will then earn his reward." After the contract is typed, make sure both parent and child sign the contract.

Sometimes just giving a child something to motivate him to do work can result in a change in behaviors.



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