Motivate Students to Stay On Task

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I am a learning consultant. I need tips on behavior plans for motivating students/on task behavior. Thanks.

Motivate Students to Stay On Task

Many students need a bit of motivation to stay on task, especially if the student already has behavior issues.

Students can be motivated a number of ways to increase time on task and stay on task. A simple point sheet is a good way to motivate time on task. Students are given point sheets to keep at their desks. When a student is off-task, the teacher simply walks over and quietly takes points away, explaining why she did so. If a student is on task, the teacher can add points, explaining why she is doing so. The points are tallied up at the end of the day, and the student may use them to purchase something from a classroom store.

Another good motivator for increasing time on task is to tape a chart to the top of the student's desk. When the student is on task, the teacher places a sticker or a stamp. If the student earns a pre-determined amount of stickers or stamps a day, the student will receive a special surprise. This works especially well for elementary level students.

Students who are on a behavior plans to improve certain behaviors may also enjoy using a contract that states exactly what behaviors are expected of him or her. The student and staff who work with the student sign the contract.

The contract should also have an agreement between the student and staff members regarding what happens if the student maintains on task behaviors for X number of days and what happens if he isn't able to maintain on task behaviors. Behavior contracts with students can be great motivators.



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