Self Publishing a Manuscript

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I have a manuscript for publication, how do I publish it with a trustworthy publisher and achieve my aim from my work?

Self Publishing a Manuscript

To publish a book manuscript you have worked hard on, it is often a long road to publication if you choose a traditional route. The traditional way would be to start submitting it to publishers. You would find trustworthy publishers in "Writer's Market," a book that every writer should own.

If you want faster results or have had your manuscript rejected by traditional publishers, you may want to consider self publishing or print on demand. The idea behind this is that when someone orders a copy of your book online, the publisher will print a copy of it for your customer. Some publishers will also offer your book as a download for customers. One online place to check further into this concept is

There are, unfortunately, many "publishers" around the internet that are not legitimate, so the best way to find out which are good, check around some writing communities to see what others are saying. Word of mouth is often the best indicator of a publisher's reputation.



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