Mother Stray and Her Kittens

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A stray mother cat brought 6 young kittens to my courtyard a month ago. I suplemented the diet by adding milk in a container. Then, the entire family moved off. A few days ago, only one kitten came back very ill with a broken backbone. It could barely drink the milk we offered. Today morning the mot

Mother Stray and Her Kittens

The Tom cat that the mother showed up with could either be the father, or simply another male that wants to mate with her again. Cats will fight like that during the mating ritual. Obviosuly, the kitten was either hit by a car or hurt in some other way. The other male hanging around is probably just another stray looking for food or possibly after the female as well. Cats will ALWAYS return where there is food. As for the other kittens, they may be injured or just being kept in another location. If you have the money, your best bet would be to spay the female after she's done nursing her babies, maybe wait and see if any of them come back. This problem will just keep repeating itself and odds are she'll become pregnant again, especially since you mentioned the male cats hanging around now. Hope this helps!



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