Grad School - Thesis Ideas

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How do I choose a thesis topic?

Grad School - Thesis Ideas

Many graduate students have difficulty deciding on their thesis subject and finding a tutor.

1. If you're interested in a course you're taking, consider "broadening" your seminary paper/essay you already have to write for the course into your thesis. That way you have a "ready made" tutor - the one who teaches that course.
2. Your thesis should be something you are really interested in lest you begin to truly hate the topic.
3. Don't think you should come up with the next breakthrough with your thesis idea.
4. Read the latest academic journals in the library. They can give you a fairly good view on what's "new" and "hot" in your field. They can show you which of your ideas have enough research background.
5. You're allowed to feel eerie if your instructor changes your idea. On the other hand, your instructor knows the latests developments, and whether your initial idea can be developed.



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